Job Description - Manager, Media
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Manager, Media

FLSA Status: Exempt
Pay Grade: 22
Job Title ID: 181504
Job Series/Job Family: Instructional Technology Series / Instructional Computing Family

Reports To

Director, Instructional Computing

Job Purpose

To manage staff, allocate resources to manage campus computer media centers, and provide technical support services to faculty, staff, and students; to act as an internal consultant in the growth of the educational media function.

Description of Duties and Tasks

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Supervises computer media center operations allocating resources as needed; ensures appropriate and consistent services are provided; plans equipment maintenance, orders supplies and equipment, and responds to user requests for special services and events.
  2. Manages, plans, designs, and implements educational media in a growing technical landscape College-wide; coordinates with other departments to consolidate media efforts and provide point of contact for media services.
  3. Consults with audio visual contractors, project managers, campus managers, and others regarding the implementation of new technology and staffing consideration for those services;  consults on media projects including project scope, budget, delivery schedules, meeting coordination, and inspections.
  4. Oversees and coordinates media for district special events.
  5. Manages and provides technical leadership and guidance to IRT employees, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, and that all issues are addressed and resolved.
  6. Manages computer media center staff and budgets, evaluates quality of services provided, and ensures appropriate scheduling; schedules and evaluates staff, and assigns tasks and projects; trains staff in the policies and procedures for use of computer and media equipment and materials.
  7. Analyzes IRT and other areas as requested concerning computer and media repair and support requests, and evaluates the response services provided; ensures problems are appropriately resolved and documented;   researches and evaluates new problems pertaining to specific hardware, software, connectivity issues; formulates problems and determines solutions; and documents new procedures; identifies technology needs and issues to be addressed.
  8. Prepares and processes reports, forms, and procedures for electronic, web, and print distribution for internal documentation or public distribution of information related to support and services provided.
  9. Assesses computer and media center hardware and support needs; manages equipment and supplies inventory, and prepares purchase recommendations consistent with needs and goals
  10. Maintains records on technology utilization, maintenance, materials, and equipment use.
  11. Creates and maintains operational procedures pertaining to specific delivery of audio-visual services for the district classroom technology and quality control standards.
  12. Works with other IRT units and academic departments to coordinate support services and special projects, and assist with long-range planning.
  13. Works with departments, offices, and faculty to ensure that appropriate instructional technologies are available to meet the current needs; assesses additional needs for computer hardware and software; assists faculty in the selection, acquisition, evaluation, and application of instructional materials.


Must possess required knowledge and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.



Must possess required skills and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.


Computer Skills


Physical Requirements

Work Experience