Job Description - Technician, Science Lab
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Technician, Science Lab

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Pay Grade: 13
Job Title ID: 233000
Job Series/Job Family: Academic Program Support Series / Academic Science Lab Family

Reports To

Department Chair, Supervisor, or designee

Job Purpose

To provide complex lab and/or classroom support services related to science disciplines for faculty and students.

Description of Duties and Tasks

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Maintains science lab and/or classroom environment by organizing, cleaning, and preparing materials and supplies.
  2. Organizes, plans, and prioritizes laboratory activities for designated area.
  3. May assist students in use of lab equipment and facilities.
  4. Performs clerical duties including operating a computer, maintaining records and files, and compiling data and reports as required.
  5. Maintains an inventory of supplies and materials.
  6. Collects data, records, and other information and submits reports as required.
  7. Coordinates, operates, and monitors lab facilities and activities. Directs and organizes preparation of lab materials, supplies, workstations, equipment, computers, and other media to ensure efficient lab operations.
  8. Organizes, plans, and prioritizes the overall coordination of laboratory activities for designated area; adapts and applies laboratory methods, practices, and techniques common to designated area. Directs or performs the preparation of student experiments and demonstrations, performing routine and analytical work; pilots new labs to be considered. Implements new or modified laboratory policies and procedures.
  9. Ensures safe laboratory conditions including safe and secure handling and storage of supplies and equipment, recommends, implements and maintains safety standards and departmental policies and procedures to comply with federal, state, and local hazardous materials, health and safety, hazardous waste regulations, and other applicable regulations.
  10. Initiates purchase requisitions, controls expenditures, prepares cost estimates for budget recommendation, and submits justifications and requests for capital outlay items; prepares specifications and analyzes bids for purchases.
  11. Operates, installs, maintains, and trouble-shoots equipment; sets up, configures, and calibrates new equipment; writes instructions and standard operating procedures for equipment operation. Performs routine maintenance and repair.
  12. May be assigned special projects or assignments based on the unique needs of the assigned lab.
  13. May schedule, train, and monitor the work of lab assistants and other staff.


Must possess required knowledge and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.



Must possess required skills and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.


Computer Skills


Physical Requirements

Work Experience