Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - Karlene Bennett

Postsecondary Education

University of Texas Austin

Master of Arts
Curriculum & Instruction

Teaching Experience

Resume update

Karlene Patricia Bennett, M.A. in Ed.

          5800 Techni Center Drive, Apt.825

                  Austin, Texas 78721

512-674-0006 (h);*512-597-7217(wk);* or;;

Mentor Director and Child Care Trainer

Over 30 years experience in the field of education, and over 20 years in the field of Early Childhood Education, as a teacher, Trainer, Child Care Center Director, School Age Manager, Child Care Advocate and Director Mentor.


Experience         October 2009-current: “Taking Charge of Change          

                            Austin” Instructor for leadership course @ Austin 

                             Community College

                            May, 2007-present: Director Mentor, 

                                              WorkSource Child Care Solutions

                            Sept. 2004-May, 2007; School Age Manager, 

                                               Children’s Courtyard

                            Oct. 2002-2004: Site Director, Open Door 


                            2001-2002: Curriculum Coordinator, Open Door 


                            1999-2001:  Executive Director, Ebenezer Child

                                                 Development Center

                            1996-1999: Curriculum Coordinator, Ebenezer 

                                                Child Development Center

                             1994-1996: Licensing Trainer @ Texas Child 

                                                 Care Licensing, DPRS

                           1991-present: Adjunct Instructor, Child 

                             Development Dept., Austin Community College





  • Recipient of the 2010 AAEYC Leadership Award for excellence in Leadership in the community.
  •  2009-2010: President, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • 2009-2010: Presenter Chair, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • 2009-2010: Conference co-chair, 2010 Texas Association for the Education of Young Children Conference.
  • 2008-2009: President Elect, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • 2008-2009: Presenter Chair, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • 2007-8: Conference co-chair, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children
  • *2006-2008: Member at Large, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children



Special Skills/Training

Past skills (1996-2000)

  1. *Validator, National Association for Family Child Care
  2. *Certified Parents as Teachers Educator


  1. 2000-2002: Special Care Trainer for a Curriculum on Special Needs, Inclusive Task Force, Austin, Texas
  2. 2005 & 2007: Completed updated training for the Texas Trainer’s Registry. Packet to be submitted by July, 2010.
  3. May 2005: Planned the first School Age Professional Day Conference, Children’s Courtyard, Austin
  4. January 2007: Coordinated plans for the School Age Summer programs @ Children’s Courtyard in Austin, Texas
  5. June, 2007: Completed the Child Care Health Consultant Training

                    (5.5 hrs of Train the Trainer Training)

  1. July, 2007: Completed Positive Behavioral Support Specialist training. I am a certified Trainer.  
  2. August 3-9, 2008/November 08/May 2009: Graduated from  “Taking Charge of Change” leadership training @the McCormick Tribune Center, National Louis University, Chicago.(112 hours of Leadership training). Currently training Directors on related topics.
  3. November 13-15: Attended 24 hours of Leadership Training on “The Visionary Director” & “Making the Most of Meetings” @the Mc Cormick Tribune Center, National Louis University, Chicago.
  4. October 8-November 19, 2008: attended 17.50 hrs of the ‘Art OF Leadership” course” @ Austin Community Course. 
  5. January 13-16, 2010: Attended 18 hrs of training on ’Learning Together with Young Children” with Margie Carter and Deb Curtis.

*Received 7 hrs of “Facilitating Adult Learning” while attending and facilitating groups during this training.

  • Feb. 22-24, 2010: Completed 0-3 training on Infant and Toddler Development done by national 0-3 Trainers. 


Current Activities:

  1. *Mentoring 8 Directors of 8 centers in Austin with the goal of preparing them for Texas Rising Star Certification and National Accreditation.
  2. *On going developing of training modules for Directors and Staff on topics, such as “Professionalism”, “Diversity in the classroom”, “Creating an appropriate classroom environment”, “Anti-Bias Curriculum”, “Reflective Supervision” and “Leadership in Action”.
  3. *Providing workshops in the community and at local and State conferences on many topics, especially in the areas of Quality Standards, Management, Leadership and Diversity issues in child care.
  4. Currently teaching the Taking Charge of Change Austin college course to 29 center directors.  

Presentations and workshops:

1997-present: presented several workshops on childcare topics at     

                       local, state and national conferences such as 

                       NAEYC, AAEYC, TPHCCA. Topics included  

                     “Diversity”; “Professionalism”; “Leadership”;

  1. *Planned a series of workshops for Directors based on training modules from “Taking Charge of Change” leadership training in Chicago during August, 08. Course currently being offered in Austin –October 2009-June 2010.  
  2. 2002-present: Presented at Director Symposiums on “Hiring, 

                       Firing and Retaining staff”; ‘Conflict Resolution 

                       Skills”; ‘Director Round Table Issues”; “Leadership 

                       in Action”.

Presenting aspects of Taking Charge of Change modules and complete modules at conferences and director groups locally and in other areas of Texas to the Early Childhood community