Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - Terry Shaw

Postsecondary Education

University of Texas Austin

Master of Arts

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant- U of Texas @ Austin, nutrition


Adjunct Professor Austin Community College, nutrition & biology


Professor Austin Community College

     1981- present

Professional Publications

Shaw, Terry: The Effects of Stress & Subsequent Rest on Serum Lipids, Glucose, & Lactate, University of Texas, Austin, Texas August , 1978

Research Experience

Research Assistant: University of Texas @ Austin, Dr. Jack Longenecker, serum amino acid analysis for PKU study in humans

Research Assistant: Clayton Foundation Dr. William Shive. Working with human subjects, looking at the effects of stress on lipids

Professional History

Worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in both clinic and hospital settings for 20+ years

She has been a guest on many TV shows

Wrote and presented a 7 part instructional TV series, Nutrition: More than Food for Thought. It was used in the classroom & shown on ACTV

She has been a Consulting Nutritionist in a group wellness setting, medical doctors offices, Austin Independent School District and in the Destination Spa setting

She taught cooking classes for Seton Good Health School for a number of years

In addition to teaching nutrition at ACC, she has taught Environmental biology, General biology, Health and Nutrition for the child development department and an Overcoming Stress class in the Continuing Education Program